Moon Over Bourbon Street

by Lisa M. Griffiths

Moon Over Bourbon Street

by Lisa Griffiths

The full moon began its showcase just after eight in the evening. A small breeze barely made a dent in the sultry airs surrounding the French Quarter.
Vivienne Boucher was brimming with anticipation. It had been much too long since she’d last gone out to dinner, and she was quite hungry. But this was no ordinary night out for culinary pleasures; she was determined to find Mr. Right.
She picked a dark red dress from the wardrobe; its style and fabric made the most of her curves. The hem just above the knees and deep v-neckline gave ample clues as to what lay beyond the silk.
Soft curls of black hair framed Vivienne’s porcelain face. Only the smallest application of makeup was needed to bring out her bright, brown eyes. A touch of rouge lipstick and a dab of rose oil were the finishing touches.
Happy with her appearance, Vivienne left her house and began walking southeast toward Bourbon Street. The click-click sound of her high heels on the sidewalk echoed off the buildings. She had a noticeable bounce in her step and smiled at all who passed. Many people stopped to watch her go by, looks of awe upon their faces. An older gentleman strumming a guitar on a corner inclined his head, doffed his cap, and said, “How do, Miss Vivienne?”
“I am just fine this evening, Mr. Willy, and thank you for asking.” Her smile widened, and her eyes shone bright. “How do yourself?”
“Oh, you know me, same ‘ol, same ‘ol. You sure look a sight tonight. You meetin’ someone special?”
There was a flicker in Vivienne’s eyes as she answered, “I am indeed, Mr. Willy, I am indeed.” She waved a farewell and continued for three blocks to Bourbon Street.
Turning left from Iberville Street, Vivienne came to her first stop: Galatoire’s. The restaurant was her favorite for its French cuisine. Although the place was full, she had no trouble getting a table by the window.
Rémy, the maître d’, fussed over her. “Oh my, Mademoiselle Vivienne, we are so very happy to see you this evening! I will personally be your servant tonight.” His wide smile faltered somewhat after he said this last sentence, and he quickly followed with, “Pardon, mademoiselle, I did not mean—”
Vivienne silenced him with her hand. “It is understood, dear Rémy, please do not worry.” She gave an impish grin and a wink.
Rémy was visibly flustered but maintained his dignity. “And what will you be having tonight, mademoiselle?”
“If my lucky stars align, he’ll be tall, dark, and handsome.” She gave a throaty laugh as Rémy’s eyes widened. “My apologies, mon ami, I am giddy tonight. I will have the filet mignon Clemenceau with asparagus Hollandaise. And a bottle of your Rive Droite, Rive Gauche, please.” ….to be continued
If you want to download the pdf of this short story, click here.

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